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The music at Aifur

Both our live music and the music from our ”electronic bard” (the stereo) is in style of our concept of vivifying the environment of our ancestors view of their grand feast.
Though it is a bit hard to find authentic viking music or instruments, that can fill the hall of 150 happy feasting guests, our 25 strong group of alternating musicians try their best to deliver both authenticity and party. The music at Aifur is a hot issue amongst staff and guests all the time, perhaps because our owner is a musician himself but also because the live music has become an essential part in the creating of the total time-traveling experience.

You will therefor hear historical music mixed with traditional scandinavian music, a bit of celtic music and even music from the arabic world since the vikings traveled as far as Miklagård (todays Istanbul) and there the music was far more developed and rich.

Aifur are though very strict with the instrumentation and we do not allow any obvious modern inventions on stage.
The musicians are nice and informative and are happy to answer questions about their playing or repertoar during their breaks.

Live music happens monday´s to thursday´s, friday and saturday from 18.30 until close to closing time and our musicians here do appreciate applauses and thanks for the music and even gifts that can encourage their perfomance and with that the atmosphere of your feasting.

AIFUR KROG & BAR | info@aifur.se | 08-20 10 55 | Västerlånggatan 68b, 111 29 GAMLA STAN, Stockholm, SWEDEN