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About Aifur

Aifur is a restaurant and a feast hall at Västerlånggatan 68b in the center of ´old town`of Stockholm.
It can take up to 150 people and 120 of these can comfortable be served in the restaurant all at the same occasion.
Aifur is designed and decorated in pure vikingstyle and has a separate bar and spaciously and surprisingly high ceiling in the restaurant section.

We have done all we can to make the food, music, interior and, most of all, the atmosphere of Aifur to be reenacted to represent how our old ancestors might have had it when they celebrated their grand feasts. On the premises you can find lots of exact replicas from objects found in tombs and excavations from all over the Viking world; Tapestries from the Oseberg ship in Norway. The church bench from Kungsåra church is a comfortable seating at one of the dining tables. Drinking glasses from southern Germany (found at Birka). Chests and runestones and other goods is spread out through the feast hall. Our lovely live musicians often sit on their little stage and play music to our amusement on countless of historically correct and interesting instruments.

Cookbooks exactly from the time of the late iron age is unfortunately missing in our cultures history but with the help of archeology and osteology we have put together a menu as historically informed and correct there can be so you may taste the deliciousness of 1100 years ago.
Many of these dishes are spiced with similar herbs and spices that the vikings shipped in their boats from far away places home to the northern shores. Saffron, cumin, the delights of the bazaars of todays Istanbul (what the vikings called Miklagard) and perhaps even the coffeebean.
We at Aifur Krog & Bar are convinced that the cooks of the viking era took as much amusements and inspiration in adding new flavors when opportunities occurs as later eras did.

But alas, Aifur is not only Swedens, and perhaps even the worlds first site for a culinary vivifying of the late iron age. It is also a tremendously beautiful smaller viking ship. She is build by the legend Jan Norberg of Gotland. In 1994 she sailed, with a bold and cunning crew, under the rule of Håkan Altrock, by the so called Valdemars route all the way to Novgorod (Holmgard). In 2005 I got the privilege to own and care for her and she has since then been in best care in her new harbor at Birka where she rests beside two other ships and sisters, Samagon and Langsweiger, built by another legend; Erik ”Tofta” Johansson.

To ”Toftas” memory, this great seafarer, shipbuilder and archeologist and his countless hours of digging and brushing three the rich excavations sites and his grand interest for food in history we have created this viking hall of feast and food.
And, who knows, perhaps in ten years time the governs of Sweden have found courage to create and vivify a real vikingtown with streets, houses and harbor. Maybe with a competing restaurant or fest hall of their own.

Martin Erikson 2012



AIFUR KROG & BAR | info@aifur.se | 08-20 10 55 | Västerlånggatan 68b, 111 29 GAMLA STAN, Stockholm, SWEDEN